i havent forgotten...

i think everyday: "i really should blog today"...but, and there are so many pictures to share its overwhelming!

i will dedicate this blog to miscellaneous parties...there have been ALOT.
                      4th of july of course!!! with maggie and her fab sister fiona that came to visit!
there was a "man party" on night and jan asked that we put on a show for them... so naturally we had to wear this... we danced to lady gaga and it was a HUGE HIT!
dancing at "berg fest"!!! (translation... you made it halfway through the summer so lets have a party!
maggie and i with our polish friends klaudia and daria!!
the first saloon party!! after double work days, the park hosts parties at the park saloon! scott, maggie, holly and me!


munchen... or "munich" as us americans say...

"Munich" roughly means "near the monks"...back in the day Monks were the only inhabitants in the whole area so everyone just referred to it as "that place where the monks live!" andddddd the monks brewed beer! beer used to be a part of every meal. it was basically a food group!

i was a little disappointed in the city. i was hoping for charm, beauty, and gnome paraphernalia, and cuckoo clocks on every street corner and i didnt get much of that. BUT i did learn alot about the city and enjoyed what we did:

we went on a FREE TOUR of the city! this company offers tours of a handful of europes most-visited cities which we thought was too-good-to-be-true until our tour guide suggested we tip him... we were surprised, but tipped him because he was so knowledgable about the city, and overall a fairly decent guide... we found out later that the guides work off of tips only and have to the company 2.50 E per tourist (our guide didnt tell us this... if wed known at the time we wouldve given him more!), so if you ever go on a tour, tip the guide at least 5 bucks...

munich has a alot of dark history due to Hilter's rise to power and WW2, and the city cannot forget... read this article and this article...

on a lighter note!!! there are "beer gardens" EVERYWHERE!! a beer garden basically is a restaurant that has long wooden tables and benches that everyone sits at together, lots of beer, and lots of yummy (but gluten-filled) food
this is a picture of us about to embark on a "beer tour"... we went to a handful of different beer gardens and.... that was all. clearly, i thought it was lame because i cant drink beer. they did have a selection of wine, but they were not delicious.

below is a 'MAYPOLE'.... they are all over munich, but i'm not sure what the significance is ha!
this is the GLOCKENSPIEL

more on the trip later!


"Rockin' All Over The World"

So in our show, we "travel" to different countries: US, Africa, Australia, GB, and Germany! so we sing hits either from the country or about the country! Its really fun and we all have a blast doing it 2 times a day! Here are some fun pictures...

ya... i'm wearing a red sequin cowboy hat. embrace it.


 singing "jungle drum"! so fun! check out that sweet african crown...

singing "stayin' alive"... everytime the intro starts, the crowd goes wild! i thought it the applause was for me and or the song.... last week i realized they were just oo-ing and ahh-ing about the sparkly disco ball... wah wah.

wish you could all see the show!


proof that were in the kuntry

for those of you that imagine me in a bustling german metroplis with pretzel stands on every corner and beer gardens-a-plenty.... here are some pictures to set you straight:

 (jumping on the tramp at our boss' house, with her daughter Daisy!)

                                                                        baby  chicks!
baby bunnies!

we live in a presh village with rolling hills and farmland everywhere. i love it here!


hi tender hearts

follow 2 of my castmates for more detailed blogs about what were up to! (i never was detail-oriented...)

rehearsals have almost come to a close!! the park opens this saturday, june 19th! i cant believe it. our show is just about ready! 26 minutes of "rockin all over the world":lots of costume changes, sweet dance moves, and NOT falling down the stairs backstage in the pitch black dark.

this is tevy... one of the sweeties in my cast. sometimes we freak each other out because were so alike.
this is katie (our boss' nanny, who lives with us!), me, tevy, and maggie (my presh roomate!)
we went to schutzenfest last weekend. its kind of like those little carnival that appear in the mall parking lot... but they are a HUGE deal here and last for 3 days. each village had their own schutzenfest each summer. ours was right around the corner from our house!! we danced to a funny band, ate some bratwurst and had a ball!

oh ya... forgot to tell you i fell down the stairs. boo. it was really dark and i was in a hurry (for no reason). and i took a tumble ... down the stairs.... hard. and i was holding on to the railing... i thought railings were to keep you from falling? i'm not sure... maybe it slowed me down?

well besides my green ankle and some scrapes i'm just fine. my whole cast was walking down behind me and they all watched it happen and said it was scary! well it was scary for me too people!! i kept thinking "where is my head in relation to that concrete slab?? lets be honest, i'm useless if i have a concussion... ive done a show with a head injury before and it was not the best scenario. no head injury for me! win.
heres a view driving down the hill that the park is on, to the main road of the village. its magical.

once the park opens saturday everything will be easy-breezy! we have a big "cast party" of sorts that night including adult bevarages and steaks flown in from america! hoo-rah! were making lots of new friends (by "we" i mean maggie and i... these guys like blonde american girls i guess?) and learning "cheers" in german: "prost" and czech: "na zdravi"....  and lots of other useful german words like: "guten morgen" and"hallo" .... take a guess as to what those 2 phrases mean! ive been pleasantly surprised at many of the similarities between the german and english languages. heres to being bi-lingual at the end of the summer! ha



if you have no clue what i'm up to.... well i dont even know how to tell you...

i'm performing at this theme park .... (click on "zur startseite" to enter)

i'm just a villager in the mainstage show (i wish i was an indian riding all over!!) but us americainers have our own show "AMERICAN MUSIK SHOW"
                                          here is a pic of me at rehearsal wearing a sweet bow!
this is scott, tevy, and me hanging in the mainstage theatre!! its huge.... seats 4,000... whoa whoa
check out  scott

here is a funny picture of the "jungle drum" dance that i'm singing lead in! its so fun and cray cray. you can listen to the song and watch the video here .  emiliana is a icelandic artist i believe. one of my roomates bought her album on itunes and is loving it... check it out!


i think its finally spring!

having snuck over to my beloved H&M last weekend in indianapolis, im ready to don florals, shorts, and get a little crazy with my clothing combos. suprise, suprise.

heres something i LOVE but have not tried yet.... socks+high heels. i think its adorable....but notice how all three of these girls are asian. i think asians can pull off anything. is that racist? maybe. but its a compliment! so dont judge me. i wish i was asian sometimes. what with my  white hightops, cupcake earrings and hello kitty hoodie, i sure do try...

heres a little video from H&M about their new "garden collection". so pretty!
some of the bright florals remind me of the upholstery that used to be on my grandparents patio furniture...which makes me like it even more

watch the video here!

also i mentioned shorts above.... here are some super cute ones:

*gap                       *urban outfitters                            *urban outfitters

annnnnnnd ROMPERS. they are the cutest. unfortunately i have the shortest torso in all of humankind so the ones ive tried on have been ill-fitting. but i admire from afar:


*bloomingdales                    *top shop                         *american apparel                 


 next week i'm going to france to visit my friend sarah hart !!
i'm sure my world will be turned upside down and as a result, perhaps i will be a more elegant  and chic dresser just like everyone in paris...


the other day....i fell up the stairs

after working the lunch shift i was ready to eat my self! id ordered my chicken salad and prepared it just the way i liked it. ranch on the side. poured a little soda+cranberry juice. headed up the stairs to meet my friend kirby who was waiting to eat with me out on the balcony area...
keep in mind that i walk up these stairs at LEAST 5 times a day at work....

one second i was happily trotting up the stairs, lunch in hand. the next second i was sprawled out, face down,  on the landing of the stairs with my lunch all over me....

the salad survived somehow. but there was ranch ALL over my pants and sleeves and i thought all over my face. thankfully it was just the cranberry juice that had sloshed up to my forehead. when i looked over, the glass was sitting upright on the landing about halfway full though ....so i dont know how it flew onto my face...

somtimes when things like this happens, it goes in slow motion ya know? you see your foot slip and watch the floor as it gets closer and closer to your face....
i think the universe skipped ahead 5 seconds.

right when i started to realize that i had fallen UP the stairs. i heard my coworker BOBBY (who deserves an entire entry himself. remind me later) say casually to the mexicans below in the kitchen 'there goes anna."
not "you okay?"
or "you alive?"

he was not one bit concerned.
i was concerned, however, about my knee caps that had slammed into the stairs. no big deal. i dont really need to walk ever again. its fine.

thankfully some of the more "boisterous" employees were not around, because they would have bolted up the stairs to take pictures and videos on their phone and laugh to their tiny hearts desires.
good thing i dont have them to remind me of my 5 minutes of klutz.

go ahead. laugh at me. i do.


Valentines Day is my Fave(s)

...does that title rhyme? a little? i think it does.  i believe it is a slant rhyme.
i can't help falling in love with you. by Kristine May..love these 2 images. * check out Kristine May's flikr page

so Valentines Day really is my favorite! i love it, actually, which to alot of peple is shocking because i dont have a boyfriend AND i dont even have a date for the actual day. neither of these matter to me though when it comes to ol' v-day. here are reasons why i love this holiday:

1. PINK. i love the color. its everywhere this month. check.
[ha i love hello kitty]

2. BAKED GOODS/CHOCOLATE. who doesnt like getting food for gifts? seriously though.
07_27_09 1 by 13bees.
[ thanks to 13bees flikr ]

3. CRAFTS. i ALWAYS hand make valentines for my friends. always. its no fun to buy them!! i love crafting. and i love glitter. so ive purchased the most exciting pack of glitter that ive seen in my whole lifetime.  24 pack of amazing blues, pinks, purple. every color. ever. thank you martha stewart!!! she has a whole line of products to make glitter crafts!! see. i'm obsessed. its unhealthy.

and here are some that ive made so far:


i put my shoes on the wrong feet.

but i did. after working a double today at work i was so happy to go meet my friend sarah helen for a little adult beverage and some greasy food.
                      [sarah helen is a treasure and owns this store.  you should go and purchase a pair of $12 sunglasses. maybe i dont know you, but i do know you will find a pair that you cant live without...]
one time we went to this place.
              [she will hate me for putting this pic up, but do i care about her feelings? of course not. and      this is for real. i know it looks like a back drop. dont worry about it.]

[and we stayed in this]

[and we laid on this]
okay now i'm just bragging...done.

so i was getting ready to go meet sarah helen and thought "oh i'll wear my cute little black moccasin ankle boots:

so i slipped them on, crammed my skinny jeans in, and started out the door. but then i thought, "These feel funny. maybe my ill-fitting athletic ankle socks are wadded up?" but as i looked down i saw that they were on the wrong foot. no big deal. am i 3 years old? dont remember the last time that happened...whatevs.

as we were greeted at sunset grill  we were informed that drinks were 1/2 price in the bar area. guess where we sat. duh. why would someone refuse to get their drinks at half price? we aint stupid.
...as the kind bartender asked us what we wanted to drink we began babbling, about what specific liquor we wanted, and could he add this ingredient? what did he think about the combination of this with that? and we also attempted to convince him that we were neither picky nor high maitenence.  he pretended that we were not. bless his heart.

earlier today i was thinking about how i so enjoy free stuff:

then low and behold our precious bartender said our drinks were on the house! likey.

my shoes started on the wrong feet but ended up on the right ones,  so its fine.



this is so cool. so i just write whatever i want and everyone in the world reads it? and then i get famous? and then i get paid to keep writing? again, cool. its just so easy.

so. for those of you who accidentally stumbled upon my meek/bleak blog and feel awkward about the blankness/desparity of my page, let me try to talk you into coming back. in the near future i plan to cover all of the above (well, actually below) subjects:


and some other things that i deem necessary for you to read about
like: this

keep coming back. you wont regret it.