if you have no clue what i'm up to.... well i dont even know how to tell you...

i'm performing at this theme park .... (click on "zur startseite" to enter)

i'm just a villager in the mainstage show (i wish i was an indian riding all over!!) but us americainers have our own show "AMERICAN MUSIK SHOW"
                                          here is a pic of me at rehearsal wearing a sweet bow!
this is scott, tevy, and me hanging in the mainstage theatre!! its huge.... seats 4,000... whoa whoa
check out  scott

here is a funny picture of the "jungle drum" dance that i'm singing lead in! its so fun and cray cray. you can listen to the song and watch the video here .  emiliana is a icelandic artist i believe. one of my roomates bought her album on itunes and is loving it... check it out!

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  1. Rock on. Don't forget America! We need you back after all.