Valentines Day is my Fave(s)

...does that title rhyme? a little? i think it does.  i believe it is a slant rhyme.
i can't help falling in love with you. by Kristine May..love these 2 images. * check out Kristine May's flikr page

so Valentines Day really is my favorite! i love it, actually, which to alot of peple is shocking because i dont have a boyfriend AND i dont even have a date for the actual day. neither of these matter to me though when it comes to ol' v-day. here are reasons why i love this holiday:

1. PINK. i love the color. its everywhere this month. check.
[ha i love hello kitty]

2. BAKED GOODS/CHOCOLATE. who doesnt like getting food for gifts? seriously though.
07_27_09 1 by 13bees.
[ thanks to 13bees flikr ]

3. CRAFTS. i ALWAYS hand make valentines for my friends. always. its no fun to buy them!! i love crafting. and i love glitter. so ive purchased the most exciting pack of glitter that ive seen in my whole lifetime.  24 pack of amazing blues, pinks, purple. every color. ever. thank you martha stewart!!! she has a whole line of products to make glitter crafts!! see. i'm obsessed. its unhealthy.

and here are some that ive made so far: