hi tender hearts

follow 2 of my castmates for more detailed blogs about what were up to! (i never was detail-oriented...)

rehearsals have almost come to a close!! the park opens this saturday, june 19th! i cant believe it. our show is just about ready! 26 minutes of "rockin all over the world":lots of costume changes, sweet dance moves, and NOT falling down the stairs backstage in the pitch black dark.

this is tevy... one of the sweeties in my cast. sometimes we freak each other out because were so alike.
this is katie (our boss' nanny, who lives with us!), me, tevy, and maggie (my presh roomate!)
we went to schutzenfest last weekend. its kind of like those little carnival that appear in the mall parking lot... but they are a HUGE deal here and last for 3 days. each village had their own schutzenfest each summer. ours was right around the corner from our house!! we danced to a funny band, ate some bratwurst and had a ball!

oh ya... forgot to tell you i fell down the stairs. boo. it was really dark and i was in a hurry (for no reason). and i took a tumble ... down the stairs.... hard. and i was holding on to the railing... i thought railings were to keep you from falling? i'm not sure... maybe it slowed me down?

well besides my green ankle and some scrapes i'm just fine. my whole cast was walking down behind me and they all watched it happen and said it was scary! well it was scary for me too people!! i kept thinking "where is my head in relation to that concrete slab?? lets be honest, i'm useless if i have a concussion... ive done a show with a head injury before and it was not the best scenario. no head injury for me! win.
heres a view driving down the hill that the park is on, to the main road of the village. its magical.

once the park opens saturday everything will be easy-breezy! we have a big "cast party" of sorts that night including adult bevarages and steaks flown in from america! hoo-rah! were making lots of new friends (by "we" i mean maggie and i... these guys like blonde american girls i guess?) and learning "cheers" in german: "prost" and czech: "na zdravi"....  and lots of other useful german words like: "guten morgen" and"hallo" .... take a guess as to what those 2 phrases mean! ive been pleasantly surprised at many of the similarities between the german and english languages. heres to being bi-lingual at the end of the summer! ha

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  1. I'm glad your blogging! I'm also envious that you are learning German. Keep it up!

    Also, I wanna know about your impressions on the differences between France and Germany :)