i put my shoes on the wrong feet.

but i did. after working a double today at work i was so happy to go meet my friend sarah helen for a little adult beverage and some greasy food.
                      [sarah helen is a treasure and owns this store.  you should go and purchase a pair of $12 sunglasses. maybe i dont know you, but i do know you will find a pair that you cant live without...]
one time we went to this place.
              [she will hate me for putting this pic up, but do i care about her feelings? of course not. and      this is for real. i know it looks like a back drop. dont worry about it.]

[and we stayed in this]

[and we laid on this]
okay now i'm just bragging...done.

so i was getting ready to go meet sarah helen and thought "oh i'll wear my cute little black moccasin ankle boots:

so i slipped them on, crammed my skinny jeans in, and started out the door. but then i thought, "These feel funny. maybe my ill-fitting athletic ankle socks are wadded up?" but as i looked down i saw that they were on the wrong foot. no big deal. am i 3 years old? dont remember the last time that happened...whatevs.

as we were greeted at sunset grill  we were informed that drinks were 1/2 price in the bar area. guess where we sat. duh. why would someone refuse to get their drinks at half price? we aint stupid.
...as the kind bartender asked us what we wanted to drink we began babbling, about what specific liquor we wanted, and could he add this ingredient? what did he think about the combination of this with that? and we also attempted to convince him that we were neither picky nor high maitenence.  he pretended that we were not. bless his heart.

earlier today i was thinking about how i so enjoy free stuff:

then low and behold our precious bartender said our drinks were on the house! likey.

my shoes started on the wrong feet but ended up on the right ones,  so its fine.



this is so cool. so i just write whatever i want and everyone in the world reads it? and then i get famous? and then i get paid to keep writing? again, cool. its just so easy.

so. for those of you who accidentally stumbled upon my meek/bleak blog and feel awkward about the blankness/desparity of my page, let me try to talk you into coming back. in the near future i plan to cover all of the above (well, actually below) subjects:


and some other things that i deem necessary for you to read about
like: this

keep coming back. you wont regret it.