i think its finally spring!

having snuck over to my beloved H&M last weekend in indianapolis, im ready to don florals, shorts, and get a little crazy with my clothing combos. suprise, suprise.

heres something i LOVE but have not tried yet.... socks+high heels. i think its adorable....but notice how all three of these girls are asian. i think asians can pull off anything. is that racist? maybe. but its a compliment! so dont judge me. i wish i was asian sometimes. what with my  white hightops, cupcake earrings and hello kitty hoodie, i sure do try...

heres a little video from H&M about their new "garden collection". so pretty!
some of the bright florals remind me of the upholstery that used to be on my grandparents patio furniture...which makes me like it even more

watch the video here!

also i mentioned shorts above.... here are some super cute ones:

*gap                       *urban outfitters                            *urban outfitters

annnnnnnd ROMPERS. they are the cutest. unfortunately i have the shortest torso in all of humankind so the ones ive tried on have been ill-fitting. but i admire from afar:


*bloomingdales                    *top shop                         *american apparel                 


 next week i'm going to france to visit my friend sarah hart !!
i'm sure my world will be turned upside down and as a result, perhaps i will be a more elegant  and chic dresser just like everyone in paris...


the other day....i fell up the stairs

after working the lunch shift i was ready to eat my self! id ordered my chicken salad and prepared it just the way i liked it. ranch on the side. poured a little soda+cranberry juice. headed up the stairs to meet my friend kirby who was waiting to eat with me out on the balcony area...
keep in mind that i walk up these stairs at LEAST 5 times a day at work....

one second i was happily trotting up the stairs, lunch in hand. the next second i was sprawled out, face down,  on the landing of the stairs with my lunch all over me....

the salad survived somehow. but there was ranch ALL over my pants and sleeves and i thought all over my face. thankfully it was just the cranberry juice that had sloshed up to my forehead. when i looked over, the glass was sitting upright on the landing about halfway full though ....so i dont know how it flew onto my face...

somtimes when things like this happens, it goes in slow motion ya know? you see your foot slip and watch the floor as it gets closer and closer to your face....
i think the universe skipped ahead 5 seconds.

right when i started to realize that i had fallen UP the stairs. i heard my coworker BOBBY (who deserves an entire entry himself. remind me later) say casually to the mexicans below in the kitchen 'there goes anna."
not "you okay?"
or "you alive?"

he was not one bit concerned.
i was concerned, however, about my knee caps that had slammed into the stairs. no big deal. i dont really need to walk ever again. its fine.

thankfully some of the more "boisterous" employees were not around, because they would have bolted up the stairs to take pictures and videos on their phone and laugh to their tiny hearts desires.
good thing i dont have them to remind me of my 5 minutes of klutz.

go ahead. laugh at me. i do.