"Rockin' All Over The World"

So in our show, we "travel" to different countries: US, Africa, Australia, GB, and Germany! so we sing hits either from the country or about the country! Its really fun and we all have a blast doing it 2 times a day! Here are some fun pictures...

ya... i'm wearing a red sequin cowboy hat. embrace it.


 singing "jungle drum"! so fun! check out that sweet african crown...

singing "stayin' alive"... everytime the intro starts, the crowd goes wild! i thought it the applause was for me and or the song.... last week i realized they were just oo-ing and ahh-ing about the sparkly disco ball... wah wah.

wish you could all see the show!


  1. That's so great Anna. I wish I could see it too! Try to get a video of it to post on youtube or something. The USA costume is HILARIOUS.

  2. Those costumes are are crazy but i love them!! :o) hahaha! The peacock head dress is my favorite! Wish that it was on youtube and i could watch you're "staying alive" song! love love love

  3. i think videos will be up next week sometime!! i'll post a link :)

  4. I can't wait to see videos!!! I love that jungle crown!

  5. Paula Flautt (AKA Mom)3.7.10

    Your costumes are SO fun! Grandma would LOVE the cowboy hat and peacock crown! And you ARE the "Staying Alive" Queen! Can't wait to see a video!

  6. Meg Shaffer9.7.10

    omg that jungle crown needs to come home with you so we can play with it together!!!!!! love you- meg